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GROUP #:           Open Group - Please Join Us
TITLE:                Lectionary
TIME:                 Wednesday 10:00 – 11:30 AM
TYPE:                 General Group
LOCATION:         St. Timothy’s—Conference Room
LEADERS:          Varied
DURATION:        Ongoing
MATERIALS:       None

This group meets to investigate the Bible’s teachings and discuss the upcoming week’s Sunday Lesson. This is an open group and can be joined at any time.

GROUP #:           G - 6 - register here
TITLE:                Celebrate Anglicanism
TIME:                 Wednesday 7:00—8:15 PM
TYPE:                 General Group
LOCATION:         St. Timothy’s – Green Cross Room
LEADERS:          Clergy
DURATION:        6 weeks
MATERIALS:       $15

Celebrate Anglicanism is an extremely accessible introduction to Anglicanism -- and in particular to its North American expression.  For any who want to understand the basics of Christian Faith and the way that Faith has come to be handed on by those who would describe themselves as Anglican Christians this book covers all the basics. Celebrate Anglicanism is written by a layman for the laity of the Anglican Church.  The book is an invitation to becoming a disciple, and being informed enough to invite others into following Christ as committed and informed Anglicans.   This class is sufficient to count for adult confirmation.

Our Services

Holy Communion
  7:30a - Quiet Service 
  8:45a - Traditional Service
10:00a - Sunday School &             Fellowship
11:00a - Contemporary Service
1:00p - Spanish Service

6:00 pm

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