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  • Acolytes & Vergers
  • Altar Guild
  • Greeters & Ushers
  • Lectors & LEMs

Acolytes and Vergers

A verger’s main duty is to ceremonially precede the priests as they move about performing their duties. At St. Timothy’s we have adult as well as student vergers. Student vergers are the most senior acolytes. The head verger also is the Acolyte Master.

Acolytes perform several duties during the worship service. They carry the torches (torchbearer), the crosses (crucifer), the Gospel book (Gospel server), and the thurible (thurifer) and help the priest prepare the altar for communion (Epistle server). Their vestments consist of a white alb with a white or colored rope (girdle) tied around their waists. The Gospel and Epistle servers wear colored scapulars over their albs.

Acolytes have to be at least 9 years old and can serve until they graduate high school. Vergers do not have to have previous acolyte experience. They will be trained in all aspects of both acolyte and verger duties.

If you are interested in becoming an Acolyte or Verger please contact Kathy Boggs.




Altar Guild

The ministry of the Altar Guild is the preparation, setting and cleaning of all articles, vessels, vestments and linens used for any sacrament of office of the church. It is a quiet, “behind the scenes” ministry which involves one week a month and High Holy days, such as Christmas and Easter.

If you are interested in helping prepare God’s House, working at His Holy Table and setting for His blessed sacraments and offices of the Church, please contact Carol McBee or Valerie Shepherd.

Greeters and Ushers

The Greeter Ministry consists of teams of members of St. Timothy's.  Once or twice a month, at the service of their choice, they arrive 20-30 minutes prior, to welcome current members & visitors. Their joyous smiles set a tone of acceptance & their helpful directions say, "We're happy you have come to worship with us!"

Greeters also engage visitors in conversation to determine who of our congregation might share similar interests (i.e. children's programs, adult education, choir, weekday ministries, etc.). Then introducing them to some of those members gives our visitors another connection at St. Timothy's and an even warmer welcome.

Anyone interested in becoming a greeter please contact Harry or Mary Ellen Harrington.


Ushers play an important part in the Sunday worship service. They help to welcome people to church and provide them with that morning’s bulletin. They offer seating assistance to anyone who might require it. During the service the ushers are responsible for taking the collection, counting the attendance and directing and assisting worshippers to the altar rail for communion. Following the service the ushers do a quick clean up of the pews.

The ushers are also ready to help anyone who needs help during the service; either with a question, helping with mobility problems or to assists in case of an emergency.

If you are interested in being an usher at any of the services please contact Wade Fennel.

Lectors and Lay Euchaistic Ministers

The Lectors and the Lay Eucharistic Ministers serve in the church by being a part of the worship service. The Lectors read the Old Testament lesson appointed for the day. They receive the lesson in advance so that they are able to study it as well as practice reading it. This is a vital part of the service but has a minimal time commitment for preparation. 

The Lay Eucharistic Ministers or LEMs are the chalice bearers during communion. As Lay Reader they read the Psalm (when it is not sung by the choir) and the New Testament lesson. They also receive the lesson in advance in order to be well prepared. As a part of the procession at the beginning and end of the service they sometimes carry torches or the cross. The bells you hear during the service are rung by a LEM. Their vestments consist of a black cassock and white surplice.

If you are interested in becoming a Lector or LEM please contact Kathy Boggs.

Our Services

Holy Communion 

  7:30a - Quiet Service 
  8:45a - Traditional Service
10:00a - Sunday School &             Fellowship
11:00a - Contemporary Service
1:00p - Spanish Service

6:00 pm

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