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COMMENTS (including Prayer List) ARE NOW OPEN.

In order to comment or add to the Prayer List you must register using the link to the right or above. Once you log in using the password that you are e-mailed you can change the password to one that you pick. Please REMEMBER that this is an open site and that everything that you post INCLUDING prayers is out on the web for anyone to read. Please do not post sensitive or private material. Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions you might have.

Hi, welcome to St. Timothy’s foray into the land of blogdom. We hope to use this blog as a way to impart different types of information in a quick manner. Look for items from Fr. Stan and Fr. Craig, articles regarding AMiA and the Anglican Communion, prayer requests and podcasts. While we hope to use this blog for communication throughout the parish we don’t envision it as a tool for extensive theological discussions. There are plenty of other blogs out there currently for that.

Please note that if you submit a prayer request that it will be accessible by the entire internet, it is not a private request at this time.

Why a blog in addition to the web site? The advantage to the blog is that you can subscribe to the blog and get updates when things change. More information on subscribing can be found here.

Podcasting is a way to listen to classes or sermons either on the web or by downloading them to your mp3 player. More information on podcasts can be found here.

I will beg your forgiveness ahead of time, I am learning as I go. Creating and maintaining a blog is new to me. I am enjoying the process (usually) but the learning is sometimes slow. If you have suggestions or questions don’t hesitate to e-mail me. I only ask that you be kind. 🙂

Peace to you all,

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